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Cool Quirky Cake Toppers

So here at the Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair we thought we’d help you out and provide some inspiration to get them all talking about your cake topper. But first as we do love the something old, we thought we’d provide you with a little nugget of history on the cake topper, because we’re generous like that….

The first cake to have a cake topper was believed to have been made over 100 years ago, the daughter of a baker was to be married and she asked her father to add something to the cake to represent the young couples love and togetherness. So the baker racked his brains and after a while realised the best representation of the couples love was them themselves and thus made two figurines, one representing the bride and the other representing the groom. Needless to say the daughter was overjoyed and so began the wedding cake topper. It was in the United States that this tradition took off and this was over a course of thirty years and two significant events.

The first event took place in the 1920’s with the publication of the best-selling book by Emily Post, etiquette expert. She describes the bride’s table, which holds the cake in much detail and in referring to the wedding cakes decoration;

“On the top it has a bouquet of white or silver flowers, or confectioner’s quaint dolls representing the bride and groom” Emily Post, Etiquette (1922)

As a highly respected etiquette expert her word was golden and it became a must have item. Secondly, at this time US retailers across the country began to sell wedding cake toppers and their availability made them quite popular among affluent American families with upcoming weddings.

So back to today, here are some of our favourites…


Polaroid Snapshots

A really fun and personal option for your cake topper is a photograph of the bride and groom. It’s a great alternative and budget friendly. And there are loads of ways to make it personal to you as a couple. You might be inspired by the image below and use the opportunity to take a cute kissing photo, how about a sweet or often the case an embarrassing baby photo of each of you, or a photo from when you first met. What ever you decide the important thing is that it represents you as individuals and as a couple. And simply use a photo holder to display your images. These can easily be picked up at any shop that sells household accessories, check out Dunnes Stores, Penny’s or Home-base to name a few.

Clothes Line

Another option for the DIY enthusiast would be the clothesline/ bunting topper. These are easy to make and you have the option of saying whatever you want, how about ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’, ‘J ♥ K’, your wedding date, or simply ‘because 2 people fell in love. The options are endless and this is your platform so say what you feel. To make this topper, you will need 2 wooden skewers, string, paper (preferably sturdy and in whatever colour suits you décor), and you can choose the easy option of letter stamps to print your message, or maybe try it free-style it is inexpensive so you can afford to have a few trial runs. If the DIY isn’t for you visit etsy.com for a great selection of readymade bunting cake toppers.


A Lego Bride and Groom

Why not let your inner children out on the big day and build on your love with this adorable mini figure bride and groom.


Every time I see these they make me laugh, these are perfect for the fun loving couple, who are looking for the entertainment factor for their wedding. They are a keepsake for sure. There is a wide variety of minion cake toppers, those yellows guys can be sourced on amazon.com, etsy.com and also available from an Irish source www.creativecakes.ie

Irish Made

At the Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair we love to keep things handmade and local so we have had a look at some of the wonderful local producers of wedding cake toppers.

Two Peas in a Pod or A Pair of Pears

These fruity alternatives are handmade in Ireland, they are available to order but also allow you to customise your cake topper to suit you both.


Tuxedo Strawberries

The chocolate covered strawberries are a tasty alternative to the traditional wedding cake topper; they will not survive as a keepsake so be sure to take lots of photographs. Although they will not be available a Bride and Groom Strawberries are available at www.getfruity.ie- but they’re delivery is limited to Dublin and the surrounding counties. Alternatively your Baker for your cake should be able to supply you with these as an option for a topper.



Vintage Cake Toppers

To keep with the theme of the Spectacular Vintage wedding fair a genuine vintage wedding cake topper is just the thing. There is a timeless beauty and quirkiness to them which makes them unique from the modern and contemporary toppers. Maybe you are fortunate to have the wedding cake topper from a parent or grandparent who were married pre-1980s who kept onto this special keepsake, if you are not so lucky check out local charity and vintage shops, and if all else fails etsy.com, ebay.com and amazon.com have a wide selection.


Old Hollywood

And finally my personal favourite (and not just because it uses the Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair colours, its fun, it’s different and a little too much, the vintage champagne glass harks back to the glamour of old Hollywood. The champagne glass can easily be sourced, from any shop that sells home-wares, for example Debenhams or Laura Ashley. And then the edible confetti can be purchased from most specialist baking shops.

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