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5 Steps to buying the Perfect Wedding Dress!

In an age of Instagram and Pinterest and not to mention the amazing if not overwhelming amount of original bridal style blogs that are just a click away, there comes the inevitable pressure of ‘The Perfect Dress!! Arghhh!’ With so many other things to organise, what’s the best way to keep your inner bridezilla at bay? ‘Just be you!’ says owner of Cork bridal boutique Bella Bleu Kate Parle.

Take a deep breath and note Kate’s 5 steps to the perfect wedding dress…

My very first and very last tip when shopping for your wedding dress is to follow your heart. Everybody has style, whether they realise it or not. Whether classic or high fashion, a little bit country or a little bit rock’n’roll. Choose a dress that you love, a dress that is you and not a ‘bridal costume’ which has nothing to do with your personality but you feel obliged to wear in order to look like a bride or please others, it’s your day and on that day everybody will love you for your style.


  1. Think about your fiancé and how you imagine he (or she!) will react when they see you appear at the top of the aisle. A lot of brides worry about what their mum, great aunt Nora or even priest will think but for most the look on your groom’s face when he spots you for the first time before that final stretch to becoming his wife can be the most beautiful moment of the whole day (sheds a happy tear!)
  2. Don’t worry too much about trends. Most brides avoid anything they see as being ‘on trend’ such as certain kinds of lace or details such as peplums even though it may be a feature of a dress they love because they are worried about looking dated in photographs in years to come. Think of the pictures of a 1950’s Grace Kelly or 1960’s Audrey Hepburn we’ve ooo’d and ahhh’d over, both styles of the time but fabulously sentimental and representative of the time in which these women married. 2015/2016 is the date of your wedding, embrace that. Your children and grandchildren will treasure these pictures of you and oooo and ahhh over your style in years to come.
  3. Most brides don’t and can’t purchase specific bridal underwear until after they have selected their dress but taking a nude strapless bra, wearing nude knickers and even a pair of Bridget Jones style holdy-in-knickers (if you think that’s what you might wear) can be useful when shopping. As hilarious as the vision of a neon green polka dot thong can be underneath your dream dress for your bridal co-shoppers, this could really throw you when trying to envision yourself on the day and lead to confusion in making your decision. Similarly, having to lose your bra at a fitting because the colour or pattern is showing through the dress can really change your silhouette and not truly represent how the dress will look on the day.
  4. Don’t take photos. When I started Bella Bleu I used to wonder why it is that some bridal boutiques do not allow clients to take pictures of the dresses they try. Now I know – you don’t look like that! These days everyone has a camera phone and whilst I am the greatest believer that you should not have to plaster yourself in fake tan, make up and restricting underwear on your big day to look beautiful, poorly shot camera phone snaps when you might not even be expecting it can lead brides to over analyse how they look in a sample dress which doesn’t fit and cause un-necessary upset over a dress that you LOVED 2 hours ago in the shop.
  5. On that note back to my original point, go with your heart! Go home, pour yourself a big glass of wine, turn off your iPad and switch off from wedding dresses. Within a few days, one dress, The dress, YOUR dress will keep inadvertently creeping into your mind. If you can imagine yourself marrying your lovely man in that dress then my dear, it’s yours!

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