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DIY Petticoat Tutorial

DIY Petticoat Tutorial

Thinking of wearing a tea length or full skirted skirt on your big day? A Tulle petticoat is the perfect accessory to emphasise the shape of a party style gown. A coloured petticoat can be a great way to add splash of fun to your dress too. Here at SVWF we do a love a bit of DIY and thanks to cool Brit designer Alexandra King here’s how to make your very own! Tulle can be bought very inexpensively from fabric stores in Ireland such as Hickey’s or can we ordered online for a more thorough range of colours from Etsy…


You Will Need…

1/2 metre of fabric
3 metres of dress net or tulle (per colour/layer)
thread, elastic
bias binding (optional)
sewing machine
tape measure






Step 1: Take the skirt you plan to wear and measure it’s length. Divide this number by three, one third for the waistband and two thirds for the skirt.







Step 2: Measure and cut your fabric. Cut one piece for the waistband (also measure it to fit around your waist) and six pieces of tulle at the skirt length.709a19_906aa90e707649cfa6a7bb1dd3de2074


Step 3: Double the the waistband fabric over and sew the short ends together. Then hem it by folding the fabric and stitching it down. Repeat this to make a channel at the top to thread your elastic.



Step 4: Attaching the tulle. Take the tulle and with your fingers gather or bunch it as you sew it to the hem of the waistband. Overlap each piece by an inch or so and continue until you have filled up the waistband with your six pieces of gathered tulle.



Step 5: Thread the elastic through the waist channel using the paperclip and tie in a knot. This creates the elasticated waistband. And there’s your basic underskirt!






Step 6: If you want to sew more, you can trim the hem with ribbon binding. This stops the tulle being scratchy and from catching on your dress.


To make the petticoat a rainbow one, repeat the process and add more layers of different colours!

Easy Peasy – xxx

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