Spectacular Vintage Events Birdcage Veil

To Birdcage or not to Birdcage – that is the question!

For those of you considering an alternative to the traditional veil, a birdcage can be the perfect vintage style or indeed contemporary solution. Wondering which kind would suit? Read on…

The birdcage headpiece first appeared in the 1940’s. During this time the world was in turmoil, there was war and rationing and weddings were not the elaborate affair of the past or modern day.

Weddings nowadays hang not on the bride’s whim, but on the decision of the groom’s commanding officer. Vogue 1942

Often the bride would have very limited time to organise her day, with her husband to be being shipped off to war at a moments notice. During this time of rationing a bride would often be married in the best of her everyday clothing be it a suit or a dress, the fashion of the time was heavily influenced by the surrounding circumstance, therefore practicality was key
Due to the sensibility of the bride’s attire her headpiece was her opportunity to insert her own flare and make her wedding suit special. The birdcage veil was a short and neat veil which just covered the face to the chin, which today has a glamorous look of era’s gone by but at the time would have had to be small to account for fabric shortages, often made using the lace from the curtains. The veil/birdcage would then be attached to a number of items including a hat (most often in the pillbox style) a headband, or comb which then would be decorated with, beads, ribbon, feathers or any number of treasures that were close at hand.

The Classic Birdcage Veil

Spectacular Vintage Events Birdcage Veil



The birdcage veil, also called the angle veil, is the epitome of the 1940s classic wedding look. In recent time the birdcage veil has made a huge comeback, namely due to the resurgence in vintage fashion and the vintage wedding trend, the birdcage has also become hugely popular due to the chic and glamorous look it provides. This veil can be worn to cover the entire face or slightly to the side. The length of the birdcage can vary; it can end at the brow, below the eyes, below the nose or cover the entire face.




The Blusher Veil

Spectacular Vintage Events Birdcage Veil

The Blusher Veil is a veil which covers the entirety of the face, there are many theories to the meaning and reasons for the blusher veil, including but not limited to ideas of modesty and virtue, protection against evil spirits. This type of veil can be found under the birdcage category as well as the traditional veil. It can be made from either the traditional silk tulle or the netting commonly used for a bird cage. This veil is usually positioned at the top of the Hairline and ends at the chin. The blusher veil can also be worn with veils of different lengths. Worn on its own the Blusher Veil creates a real nostalgic look ranging from the 40’s, 50’s and 60s . The major difference between the classic birdcage and the blusher veil is purpose, the birdcage is used to frame the face and the blusher veil is to conceal the bride’s face.


The Bandau Veil

Spectacular Vintage Events Birdcage Veil



Venetian veil otherwise known as a bandeau veil is a veil which is placed across one’s face and pinned discreetly behind each ear, often with an embellishment at either ear. It can be positioned over the eyes, forehead or hair.

Happy Veiling!

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