Would you follow a Bridal Trend?

We’ve all got that dodgy 1970’s, 80’s or even 90’s wedding photo sitting on Mum’s mantlepiece at home of a family wedding with a bride wearing a bang-on-trend gown which is now, the cause of much fashion critique and family giggles!  My own mum, whom I think looked gorgeous in 1978 in her full length, long sleeved, high neck boho style gown cringes whenever we pull out the family album. “It was the look at the time!” she explains!

And so leads me to question, should modern brides go on trend with their look or keep it classic and timeless?

I’m getting married in 8 weeks and my own dress is in work as we speak. Im not afraid to say and perhaps give a little hint that the design of my dress is bang on trend summer 2017! Did I study the bridal catwalks or buy my gown from the very latest designer? Nope, I was simply influenced by the time in which i’m living and I’m so happy that I am. In my line of work I often meet brides who are very wary of bridal looks that are ‘too current’ or that they fear may look dated in years to come and are ever so conscious of keeping their look ‘timeless’. I say bring on the fashion police! I want my kids to cringe at our wedding pics in years to come,”oh mum you looked SO 2017!” that’s the year I got married, one of the most amazing years of my life and a year I want to remember in fashion for the rest of my life.

And so in hope that I’ll look back at this post in years to come and remember friends and family strutting their oh so on trend bridal tushies down the aisle in one of 2017’s top trends, here’s a round up of what’s been hot right now…



I love this look, completely alternative and quite frankly about bloody time! Nobody rocked this look more than Cork’s very own Mary. T of Powder and Plait who designed her own bridal outfit.

Bridal Trousers
Mary T. Of Powder and Plait
Picture Credit Powder & Plait

Floral Print

Spotted across the international bridal catwalks, the floral print bridal look is uber girly and a great way to introduce colour without going full on block colour.

Floral Print Bridal
Photo Credit Pinterest


Bows have long been a popular bridal detail but this year’s oversized bows to me are where it’s at. Less girly than statement. Oversized bow’s work best as a stand alone feature on a simple dress with a striking silhouette.

Bow Back Wedding Dress
Photo Credit Pinterest

Classic Ball Gown

Full skirt with a curve hugging bodice. Reminiscent of a style most popular in the 1940’s the Classic Ball Gown is arguably the timeless look those trend-dodging brides are looking for but to me this look is right now. Think Rosa Clara and Alberta Ferretti. 

Classic Ballgown Bridal Photo Credit Pinterest

Off Shoulder

Sexy yet demur, this look is another nod the 1940’s and before that right back to Georgian times. But again, hot right now thanks to the off the off the shoulder and cold shoulder look being so all over the high street. Very 2017!

Off the shoulder bridal.
Photo Credit Pinterest

So did you/would you rock on on-trend bridal look and face being mocked by your future grandchildren?

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