Spectacular Vintage Wedding Events Bouquet Wrap

Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Wraps

Wether you are doing your wedding on a budget or you feel like putting your personal stamp on the details, the DIY Bridal Bouquet Wrap is ideal. It is so easy to do, it’s open to so many possible materials and styles. We will show you some examples for inspiration. I think you will agree they are quite divine, we are still blown away by people’s originality and creativity with all things wedding decor and accessories.

An idea we love is to add a brooch to it. It will pop an extra bit of sparkle but can also be kept as a keepsake. Maybe a little picture framed brooch with you and your partner. The possibilities are endless.

The DIY route is not for everyone, if you are looking for a supplier, check out The Spectacular Vintage Florists on this page.