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From Tanya of Bronte Wedding Photography:

To be Tickled Pink
& memories of being bathed in the sink,
Twirling skaters on an ice rink,

The meaning behind a nod or a wink,
Imagery that that makes one stop and think!

The warmth of a smile, like an orange sky,
The inhaled breath of warm apple pie,
The reflection in a tear of an eye,
A tight squeeze of a long goodbye.

Sees her work as drawing with light,
Capturing moments that disappear like the night,
Up, up and away like a kite out of sight,
To revisit bring smiles wide and bright.


Hi Im tanya (tan, tantan, tintan, tatty, tattyanna, tattyanna lanna, or worst of all tanzer). I studied for four years at Athlone Institute of Technology and completed a National Diploma in design and communications and BA (Hons) in design and multi-media with first class honors. During this time I studied all the creative and technical aspects of photography and I am now blessed to have such a wonderful job specialising in lifestyle photography, photographing weddings, children and families,equine and capturing people and their life’s passions.

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