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From Danielle O’Hora:
I am from New Zealand and I live by the sea in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, with my husband and our two children. I love nature, travel, knitting and all things beautifully made. I love fashion and find it fascinating how fashion comes about. I daydream about having my photographs in Italian Vogue one day. I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. I shoot weddings digitally but I love film, and one of my prized possessions is a 1950s twin lens Rolleiflex camera. I have a degree in art history, and studied architecture and acting

Weddings are inherently filled with emotion. There is something very unique about a wedding day – I think this is partly due to the honest and vulnerable moments shared between the couple, their family and friends. For me there is nothing more exciting than being the person chosen to capture these moments.

I make creative use of light and location. I love capturing the details, emotions and precious moments of a wedding day. I aim to make images which are natural, honest, beautiful and timeless. I like to think they are simple, yet poetic.

I have a relaxed approach and prefer to photograph things as they unfold naturally, rather than orchestrate things. I am sensitive to how people are feeling on the day and offer encouragement in order to settle nerves and make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

I believe good wedding photography requires collaboration between the couple and photographer. I love that the photographs we create will be enjoyed by you and your family through the years. When you look at the photographs in years to come I want the pictures to take you back to that day, those unique moments, and remind you of what it felt like to be at your wedding.

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