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Egle’s Philosophy:

I was always fascinated by how our memory works. Every time I smell oil paints, Im instantly brought back to my childhood where my father, an artist, and I used to spend a lot of time together at his studio.
A photograph is a visual reminder, that can walk us back down memory lane at any time… The smallest details remind us of the greatest events.
Photography is my craft, my passion, and my self expression. Being able to portray an emotion inside every moment warms my heart and makes me love wedding photography even more.

I believe in honest and pure moments, storytelling without forcing and disturbing. I pursue the natural beauty of genuine happiness. Happiness that comes from a moment, a moment can’t be posed or replicated.
Every story is unique. It is extremely important to find a photographer that will feel the same about your wedding, and can capture not just the way it was, but also the way it felt.
I want you and your guests to have fun and be relaxed while I document your wedding. I will make sure you feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera whilst capturing the ‘vibe’ of your day .

So If you feel WE could be ‘The Perfect Match”, get in touch and I will tell your LOVE story.

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